BCD Software

Role: Lead Interaction & Visual Designer

While working at BCD Software I was responsible for the visual and interaction design for “OnePlan” a web-based CRM designed to improve the efficiency of team workflows, tasks, and communication.

I was tasked to translate a 300 page document into wire-frames, review user flows, establish a consistent visual style-guide and produce all visual assets to be implemented by the engineering team.

At the time this was the largest project I’d ever been a part of and being the only designer in the team was definitely a bit intimidating, however it allowed to improve on my communication skills as I had to ideate and pitch to the team what the tool’s front end could look like as well as how all use cases would be executed.

Bellow you’ll find some of the interaction and visual design work I produced starting with wire-frames on the left and the final “skinned” version to the right.



Communications Center